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28 Nov 2017

Operation Collaborate comes to Elvington

15 Nov 2017

Christmas Allsorts in the Church

23 Oct 2017

Parish Council Local Plan response

Take a look at the Parish Council response to the Local Plan

06 Oct 2017

Get your tickets for the village quiz!

06 Oct 2017

Waste Collection Calendar 2018

29 Sep 2017

Local Plan news

Find out more about forthcoming meetings and drop in sessions

21 Sep 2017

Can you help Elvington Scout Group?

Can you help Elvington Scout Group?

08 Sep 2017

Yorwaste compost giveaway

Get your free compost, courtesy of Yorwaste

23 Aug 2017

Heavy goods vehicles through the village - your thoughts?

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of HGVs? Are they driven well? Have your say...

23 Aug 2017

Community speedwatch - volunteers needed

Can you spare some time to monitor traffic speed through the village?