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Security Alert - Maybe?

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Posted: Fri 9 Dec 2016 @ 09:38 by Rachel E

Sorry if these are someones son's and they were "only out for a walk" but last night two young men, early twenties were near the field  gate of Riverside Gardens.  it was 7.30 and I felt it was suspicious, i stopped and warmly asked if they were lost or looking for something, they were very defensive.

i reported to 101 and the policeman said they would try to send a car through the village.

Early twenties, one fair and about 5'9 the other taller with a beanie hat and dark facial hair,  wear high viz vests and water proof trousers which were muddy! 

i full expected them to say they were looking for a water leak or some ground crew from a company - they would probably blend and be able to hide in plain sight really on the main street.

Hopefully, they or someone who knows them can put me right and call me paranoid - mean while i will be double checking my doors at the back and make sure i always let the dog out when he hears something.

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