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Local Plan 2016 Consultation - Message from Keep Elvington Rural

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Posted: Mon 18 Jul 2016 @ 22:19 by John Gallery

Hello Everyone,

York Local Plan Consultation period has now opened today 18th July - 12th September ( This, together with other immediate village planning applications, will be discussed by Elvington Parish Council at their Meeting tomorrow evening (Tues 19th July, 7.30pm) - Any interested villager can attend. Keep Elvington Rural will then set a date for for a further village meeting with help information for submitting comments. Download the Plan here:

...and by the way, there is a more immediate separate issue............ A Planning Application for a Permanant Traveller Site at the Stables and comments need to be submitted to City of York Council before 21st July.

Details can be found on the City of York website at:  Reference 16/01443/FUL

Thank you, for Keep Elvington Rural Committee