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Posted: Sat 16 Jan 2016 @ 17:02 by Buttercup

Can anyone explain the banging noise that keeps going on and on around the fields behind Main Street??

Posted: Mon 18 Jan 2016 @ 19:32 by FEF

You are probably hearing the bird scarers farmers use to keep birds (flocks of pigeons at this time of year cause lots of damage) off their winter crops which are starting to come up.  They are on timers and let out up to three bangs fairly close together.

Posted: Tue 19 Jan 2016 @ 14:49 by Buttercup

I heard there's been a pesky fox doing the rounds. Hopefully they'll scare the ginger critters away too!Embarassed

Posted: Sat 23 Jan 2016 @ 23:09 by Spooky


Posted: Sat 6 Feb 2016 @ 08:36 by Buttercup

Strawberry blonde Embarassed