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Desperately seeking Master T and Miss S Granger

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Posted: Mon 3 Aug 2015 @ 09:59 by Alunee


We've had a greeting card delivered to us twice, addressed to Master T and Miss S Granger at 6 The Gables, Elvington, with a postcode for The Conifers.

It was apparently delivered to an address in The Conifers who dropped it through our letterbox (Jubilee Court).  We posted it again and it was once more delivered to The Conifers and then onto us.  I decided to take it to its rightful owners but I cannot find 'The Gables, Elvington'.  However, 'The Gables' is a very common address, there being several in and around York.

Answers on a greeting card!  Contact me on here or 07798 902 589.



Posted: Mon 10 Aug 2015 @ 08:52 by Alunee

Ok, I imagine someone on here would know if there were Granger children in the village, so I'm returning the card (again) to the Post Office, but this time marked 'not for The Conifers or Jubilee Court'.  They could be in Elvington, Kent, for all I know.