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Village photos

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Posted: Tue 9 Jun 2015 @ 14:03 by Webmaster

We'd love to update the website with some new photos. If you were at the village fete and took some snaps, or you've been on a wander through the village and caught some great images, it'd be great if we could use them.

Contact us to find out where's best to send them, and who knows, your photo could be one of the next images just up there...! ↑

Thanks very much!

The Web Team

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Posted: Tue 23 Jun 2015 @ 20:48 by JC

I have some photos of the village, where do I send them and in what format?

Posted: Wed 24 Jun 2015 @ 15:15 by Webmaster

Hi there,

You can send them to as jpg attachments, but if they're fairlyas big you may want to use something like where you add the above email address, your email address and attach the files?   Much appreciated!   Laughing