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Smelly news

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Posted: Fri 5 Jun 2015 @ 15:52 by bertie beaver

There was a recent problem with the foul drain near the village green. I called out Yorkshire Water who cleared the blockage. By that stage the back-up was so bad that it took several days just to drain away. It hadn’t quite reached back to the houses around the green but it was getting close.

YW were very efficient and helpful and gave some useful advice which I’m passing on. Firstly, although we all know that cooking fat is bad news in drains, even worse apparently are wet wipes (the sort used to clean babies or remove makeup). The problem is that they don’t dissolve easily and wrap themselves anything in the pipe, building up to a blockage. The advice is that they should never be flushed down the loo.

Secondly there is the cost. This clearance was the responsibility of YW as the blockage was in the adopted drain. However, the cost of clearing it and checking the pipe would have been around £200! If the blockage had been in a private drain (essentially, the length from your house to the road) the homeowner would have to pay. We have been warned.