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Escaped pet rabbit

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Posted: Tue 28 Apr 2015 @ 15:59 by

We have lost a pet rabbit early this morning from one of our rabbit runs she has'nt been seen all day which is unusual as she usually likes to be around her pals that are still out in their runs. She is a mini lion lop rabbit (slight mane/long hair on top)smudged brown and White markings and distinctive ears as one is up the other down. Please can you be on the look out for her sheltering in you garden she is quite timid and very fast. She escaped this morning before 7.30 am from our orchard in Roxby close. We are so anxious to find her she is a much loved pet, please if you have spotted/ found her could you let us know at Westerdale, Roxby Close. Many Thanks! 

Great news! Our escapist has been found this morning in a nearby garden live and well and ready to fight another day ,after her night out on the town! Many thanks to my lovely neighbours who found and caught her and brought her back safe and well, really appriciate your help.

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