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Dog's ,Toilet

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Posted: Sat 28 Mar 2015 @ 22:26 by Elvington History

The local dog's toilet is not on the patch of grass between the bridge leading to Derwent Close and the footpath, obviously the person in charge of the dog is blind as there is a dog bin on the opposite side of the road.



You would soon complain if someone s**t on your garden,

Posted: Sun 29 Mar 2015 @ 03:02 by Monto

Are we talking about a particular local dog's toilet here or the toilet used by local dogs?  If the latter then we should refer to it as the local dogs'  toilet.  It is quite unacceptable of course, whichever the case.

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Posted: Wed 22 Apr 2015 @ 21:53 by RuthM

Whoever has left the large and unsightly scrap metal alerting dog owners of the perils of allowing their creatues to deficate in the 'local beauty spot' has chosen an interesting means of smartening up the area. Perhaps they could consider chucking some burning tyres on it as well - I don't think dogs like the smell of burning rubber!